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& The Toll Collectors

I am a singer/ songwriter whose influences draw deeply from classic rock, folk, and old blues and soul. I love music that you can feel in your bones and lyrics that haunt you. My musical project is Christina Alessi and the Toll Collectors, a high powered folk/ rock explosion with Jonathan Andrew, Josh Bicknell, Sean-David Cunningham, Mari Hubley, and Ty Tuschen! We've got smart soul-stirring originals, as well as hours of carefully procured covers with our own twist.


I recently joined TUSK - The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute as understudy for Kathy Philips (Stevie Nicks)



I fronted Hey Tiger in the 00s, frequenting the iconic stages of Maxwells, CBGB and The Mercury Lounge. My most notable performance was probably at Giant’s Stadium where we opened for Bon Jovi. Yes. That Bon Jovi.



- Full band (4, 5, or 6 piece)

- Trio - Folk or Jazz

- Duo

- Solo


Awards/ Recognition:

- 2012  Hoboken Music Awards Outstanding Female Solo Artist

- 2014  Finalist in Waltz Astoria Ultimate Singer/ Songwriter Competition


EP available here.


More songs on Soundcloud.

Byrd Collector 2015-07 Tushen Maxwells (Bailey) WEH LN WEH LW 20181